Our Credo


We have an unwavering commitment to our customers and their heath and that’s why we always go that extra mile by:

1. Raising the birds free range, in environmental conditions very close to the natural ones, feeding them with fodder based on all natural alpha-alpha, wheat, barley, corn, soy, minerals, and vitamins and without growth hormones and antibiotics, developed with the help of Ostrich Solutions LTD.

2. Sample blood testing birds from each farm to ensure no unhealthy birds.

3. Birds are sprayed with a dilute solution to ensure the feath­ers are not harboring any bacteria or virus that could be transferred to the meat. (All animals including os­trich can have many different virus and bacteria on the surface of their skin which are naturally in the environ­ment).

4. Our meat is vacuum packed, thus limiting the growth of bacteria and aerobic fungi and preventing evaporation of volatile components.

5. Immediately after vacuum packing and labeling, our meat goes through a shock freeze process, that preserves unaltered the organoleptic properties of food and its nutritive substances. Unlike slow, classical freezing, this rapid process freezes the meat cells simultaneously, and both outside and inside, thus preventing the formation of large ice crystals. Therefore, the structure of the meat remains compact, membrane rupture is very small and destruction of fibers is minimized.

6. Each production lot is given the green light for marketing to consumers only after receiving the laboratory analysis of the samples taken from the lot, which certifies that the product is safe and has the desired properties.

7. We deliver your meat frozen, in special transport packaging with controlled temperature, below -18 degrees Celsius. We make sure by data loggers that the temperature doesn’t descend below this level during the transport of the meat from the warehouse to your home.