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Expediem produsele congelate prin curier in cutii speciale, la temperatura controlata.Comenzile plasate pana Luni ora 9 (a.m) se livreaza Marti si comenzile plasate pana JOI ora 9 (a.m) sunt livrate Vineri. In functie de orasul de livrare, costurile de transport variaza intre 0 si 60 de lei

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Ostrich fillets (Fan, Eye, Tournedos, Oyster, Long and Tenderloin) are small, but very tender muscles, ideal for individual steaks, barbeque, stroganof, carpaccio. Marinade with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar or red wine for 2 – 4 hours,  then simply pan fry for 2 to 3 minutes each side in a drizzle of olive oil.

Ostrich meat has additional benefits beyond its flavor. It is very low in fat and cholesterol, even lower than skinless chicken, while offering a high iron content, making it a great beef-alternative for those watching their weight. Also, this lower fat content means that there is less shrinkage during the cooking process (less raw meat needed per serving) and the meat will cook faster.

Product is Flash Frozen

Sent in our chilled packaging, if the product is totally defrosted on receipt it should not be re-frozen and must be consumed within 7 days.


After packaging and labeling, the ostrich meat goes through a process of shock freeze in order to preserve the original quality.

Keep up the meat in the freezer, in its original packaging. If you want to cook it immediately after you received it, allow thawing slowly in the refrigerator. It will take longer to thaw, but this way the meat will retain its properties and texture. Important: after thawing, do not freeze again!

For tips and tricks about how to cook ostrich meat, please visit our Recipe page

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Foarte bun
O carne foarte buna, apropiata la gust de cea de vita dar mult mai frageda.
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From: Doriana | Date: 10/24/2016 3:22 PM
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